Baptism for Infants & Children age 6 and younger

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“Since the earliest of times baptism has been administered to children, for it is a grace and a gift of God that does not presuppose any human merit; children are baptized into the faith of the Church. Entry into Christian life gives access to true freedom.” —Catechism of the Catholic Church #1282

Infant Baptism is a wonderful gift that God, through the Church, gives to parents and families. Baptism is important, the most important Christian sacrament, which opens the door to the other sacraments and to a lifetime of belonging to Christ and to the Church.

Lived faithfully and supported by parents, Baptism makes us a part of a family, a parish, and a community of faith. Our lives are influenced by sharing our celebrations with like-minded Christians who worship with us, helping to bring us to God and eternal life.

To request the Sacrament of Baptism, contact Deacon Bill HeimanMeg McManmon.

Please know that St. Patrick’s requires that at least one parent attend a parish baptism preparation class. (Classes are arranged at a mutually convenient time.)

Archdiocesan policy requires that at least one parent is an active member of St. Patrick's. (However, if neither parent is a current member of St. Patrick's; but at least one parent has a family connection and you are interested in having your child baptized here, please contact Deacon Bill Heiman.)

Baptisms are celebrated monthly throughout the year and arranged at a mutually convenient time .

While there is no fee for the Sacrament of Baptism, at your discretion you may make a donation to the parish Baptism program / give an honorarium to the presider. Gifts are customarily used to support the Baptism ministry program / purchase religious resources & vestments.