Men's Club

Men's Lenten Veneration Program
The St. Pat’s Men’s Club is inviting all men to participate in the Men’s Lenten Veneration program. There will be green cards at the back of church that we ask each man to fill out and drop in the Lenten Veneration basket. Each week’s cards will be collected and tabulated and results posted in the bulletin and on line at our website. Our goal is to encourage and enhance our community by supporting each man of the parish and to bring down a shower of grace on the whole parish. Please encourage fellow men to participate in this and submit their weekly results.

As of: 

______  Our Father

______  10 Minutes of Daily Prayer

______  Rosary

______  Stations of the Cross

St. Pat's Men's Lenten Veneration

______  Weekday Masses

______  Hail Mary/Glory Be

______  Grace with Family before Meals

______  Decade of the Rosary

______ Reconciliation

The mission of the Men's Club is to provide a community of fellowship where members pursue opportunities in these three areas:

  • spiritual development
  • social connections
  • service-support through fundraisers and events

Open to all men of the parish. Chair: John Ratelle.
Refer to the events page and weekly bulletin for upcoming activities.