Coram Deo - Before the Face of God

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Coram Deo “Before the face of God”

Posted: April 21, 2017

Coram Deo “Before the face of God”
I recently watched a documentary on the life of a young magician. He performs from the largest of stages to the busy streets of New York. He can hold his breath will over 15 minutes. This documentary is the account of this young man’s journey to become one of the most sought after entertainers of his generation. The documentary concludes with the magician in the home of a very famous American actor. The magician removes a card out of a deck and asks the actor to open a piece of fruit on the table. Within the fruit the actor finds the missing card. Everyone is amazed. The actor, with his eyes large and showing no small amount of fear, asks the magician to leave his house and never come back. This is an Easter reaction. Happy Easter! When the disciples encountered the risen Lord, they are afraid. They think that they are seeing a ghost. One disciple famously insisted that, unless he touch the wounds of Jesus, he would never believe. As we live Coram Deo, before the face of God, we must own our fear. Our Easter fear. Easter is a time of joy and triumph, as Jesus conquers death and insures, for the believer, victory over sin, death and our enemy, Satan. And yet, a quick proclamation of an Easter victory can reveal a faith that is more form than substance. The celebration of a victory without a clear understanding of what has been won is a shallow celebration, indeed. Just as Lent was an important journey of self-examination and repentance, so Easter needs must be a journey into the reality of life with Christ. He should be dead. We saw him die and yet here He stands before us. How can I ever be the same? Nothing can ever be the same as we live Coram Deo.

By His grace, Keith Reed, Director of Worship & Liturgy