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How do I know if the hurt is due to infection or due to healing?

Posted: May 05, 2017

I want to share with you my Easter story. I suffered a blow this Easter. Through no direct fault of my own, I received a hurtful blow on my leg. It is not life threatening but it in no small way compromises my walking and standing. When it first happened, it hurt tremendously. After a few hours, I did not feel it any more. I would check to see what was going on and since it did not bleed at all, I was convinced that my cleaning of the wound was adequate. Time will tell. The doctor said that it is healing normally but that it should be observed well in the next week. I feel pain and throbbing. The wound is in a sensitive location susceptible to contact from clothing and others. How do I know if the hurt is due to infection or due to healing? Time will tell. It is too soon to know.

Now, here is the Easter thing. The followers of Jesus are following Jesus, again. Jesus is living and breathing and eating and walking through walls and witnessing to the power of God. All the main followers of Jesus have returned from hiding except one. There is a growing number of people seeing Jesus every day. Who are these people? These are the same people who called for his death and betrayed him. Jesus did not raise from the dead and go live in Africa. He is in the same city with the same people and…these people are hurt. They are hurt from their own lack of faith. They are ashamed. They feel guilty. When they see Jesus and the initial shock is somehow diminished, they are shamed; not by Jesus! Jesus holds nothing over their heads. These people wake up each day and seek to reestablish a relationship with someone whom they sought, two weeks ago, to have killed. How would you feel? Is the hurt you feel coming from healing or infection? To live Coram Deo, before the face of God, we understand that life circumstances do not make us who we are. They reveal to us who we are. It just takes time. The whole truth was not on Palm Sunday. The people did not understand what they we saying and doing. Jesus is alive and he should be dead and what is His agenda, now? Easter is even more of a time of repentance than Lent. Where are the 40 days of walking with someone we assumed we killed? My Christian tribe has, in the past, skipped too quickly over this days of deep hurt and healing. It hurts. It looks ugly. It could be infected or it could be healing. I want every piece of this Easter story as I live Coram Deo.

By His grace, Keith Reed, Director of Worship & Liturgy