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The Rustling of the Wind

Posted: November 19, 2014

Can you feel the rustling of the wind? Did you notice the new snowfall? How do the prairie grasses, meadows and fields become frozen treasure? It unfolds day by day. To be a witness requires attention. It lasts only for a few moments and then it disappears…

Slowly the days become shorter. Darkness spreads itself like a soft blanket hushing everything into silence. Colder days remind us of the cycle of life. Birds no longer fill the sky. Long journeys begin to warmer climates. Those left behind build nests and bury food for the winter.

Winter speaks to all who listen. The invitation calls on the wind. “Come with me… go deeper into the world to see what is beautiful.” Reflect and rejoice on these long dark nights. Find the rhythm of your soul that asks a moment of gratitude, prayer and reflection.

To be broken open by what is beautiful is to glimpse God, if only for a moment. If you stand still, you will feel it with every snowflake that falls. Lift your face to the sky and behold creation in its timeless magnificence. Let gratitude fill your soul. 

Listen to the rustling of the wind… It was meant for you.

--Maura Schnorbach