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Is Your God Getting Bigger?

Posted: June 23, 2014

     On a bookshelf in my office, I have a book with the title, “How big is your God?” written by author and winner of the Eric Hoffer Award, Fr. Paul Coutinho, S.J. It caught my eye this afternoon. Maybe a better question for me to ask is, “God getting bigger or smaller?”

     For me, the answer is unequivocal, God is getting bigger. How do I know this? Because I see it every day. Sometimes I see glimpses of God at work, but if I really pay attention, God’s hand print is everywhere I look.

      It is unmistakable with our faithful volunteers who show up day after day, covering the front desk, answering questions, directing people to meetings and being the first friendly face that people encounter when they  enter our building.

      Flowers bloom as if on cue when you drive by St. Patrick’s.  A dedicated group of volunteers plants, waters and tends to our many gardens at St. Patrick’s Church and Parish House. You may even have noticed the aqua plant containers with bright red geraniums that are show stoppers at our front entrance.

     Financial stewards faithfully count contributions every Monday morning. Their laughter, conversation and friendship are unmistakable. This crew can also be found mailing packages to our college students, working at the garage sale, pitching in at Gala and actively serving in our faith community.

      If you walk down our halls in the evening, you will hear the sounds of bells, voices raised in song with chords from the grand piano drifting down the hallway. When most of us are on holiday over the Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Christmas, the church is filled with flowers, ushers are ready to greet, Jeff is leads the choir and Fr. Tim is breaks bread.

     Last week St. Patrick’s was filled with joy, laughter, song and friendship! There were wild animals, because a safari was in full swing with Vacation Bible School! Our Faith Formation Team did an amazing job of engaging over 100 children in games, stories and theatre! One of the neatest parts of the week was watching our youth leaders teach and engage the younger children! They also filled up one of our portacribs with diapers, wipes and baby clothes!

     Our church isn’t the only place where you can feel the heartbeat of St. Patrick’s. It is present in every water filter we send to Coban, Guatemala! It is in the hot meal delivered by our Meals on Wheels volunteers. It can be seen in carloads of groceries delivered to VEAP and Caring & Sharing Hands. And, it is in the spirit of our cheerful volunteers at Loaves & Fishes!

      It is the sense of justice that our Social Justice Commission has when it knocks on doors asking legislators to remember the poor, forgotten,    hungry and homeless. It is the courage that it takes to be the only faith community going to bat for the Social Benefit legislation this session. It also shows up to meet young adults who are being launched, because they now have a place to call, “home”.

     It is the spirit of love that fills a grandmother’s hands as she sews quilts or knits sweaters for a baby that needs love, one whose name she will never know. It is the grandmother who stopped by my office to share a story about being a frightened new mom wondering how she would take care of her first baby! The doctor sent her home and her baby thrived! But, she didn’t forget those early days! She asked her Guild to help moms who are alone and afraid in crisis pregnancies. And, they did!

     St. Patrick’s is a vibrant faith community living the Gospel call of love and service. We are grateful to all of the members of our church who are serving in our ministries and making God bigger! If you are new to St. Patrick’s we invite you to join us. If you are looking for a way to become more engaged, please let us know!