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66 West Apartments - Over the first hurdle

Posted: August 15, 2014

Amazing night! I received a text during the meeting from a friend who was in the back hallway, because the place was packed, again! She said that St. Patrick’s did a great job! They watched the rest of the proceedings at home, because they couldn’t stay until the bitter end! It was 12:45 a.m. by the time the last votes were cast! It was a nail biter!

The vote broke our way! The Edina City Planning Commission voted to approve 66 West and send it to Edina City Council for a vote! There was one vocal hold out on the Commission! Fortunately, Kevin Staunton artfully moved it forward and came back a couple of times to get proposals that could move it to a successful close. We are grateful to Kevin and the City Planning Commission for supporting the project! We are also grateful to the City of Edina staff for recommending the project!

There were over 200 people who attended the meeting! Bob did an excellent job! Fr. Tim made some thoughtful remarks and recalled the inspiring words of Senator Hubert H. Humphrey who was a passionate advocate for the poor and forgotten! There was also a lovely young woman from St. Patrick’s who showed up, because she had read it in the bulletin. She is a recent Harvard graduate and felt moved to speak for 66 West! 

Beacon and Edina Community Lutheran did an outstanding job organizing and building a solid case. The attorney and architect also shared compelling testimony. Pastors from many Edina congregations and surrounding communities came and spoke! There were also many passionate remarks from members of our community! There was passion on both sides of the argument, but civility prevailed! A sea of green (supporters), our favorite color at St. Patrick’s filled the room! 

I can only say that I am inspired that 200 people came, stayed, spoke, cheered and prayed for us! We are asking all of you to do it again! We need every Social Justice champion carrying the message of what is possible when a group of, “passionate church people get together!” One of the closers for the opposition said this as he looked around the room! 

I thought he said it best! We were standing exactly where “church people” should be standing… We were standing in truth and witness, shoulder to shoulder with people of faith, calling for justice.  

Thanks to all of you for standing with us! 

Maura Schnorbach