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Where are you standing?

Posted: September 02, 2014

This is a question that I have been thinking about since the Edina City Planning Commission meeting on August 13. A man that was speaking in opposition of 66 West, turned towards the audience during his testimony and challenged what, “church people” were doing at the meeting. He implied that we had no business being there. I disagree. I believe we are standing in the right place on 66 West.

I am reminded of where Jesus stood… He always sought out the places where no one else wanted to stand. He stood with the outcasts, lowly, despised and invited them to join him. His actions were frequently met with dismay from his inner circle, the apostles. Often Jesus reminded them that he answered to a higher authority… God.

Jesus broke ranks with the authorities and the powerful to, “stand in” and speak his truth. This gained him a world-wide following, but it also led to his death. It was the ultimate, “laying down his life”… 

This is powerful stuff. It is simple and difficult at the same time. As I have been preparing for the meeting at City Council meeting on 66 West, I listened to a TED talk on leadership. The speaker said after all of his research on what makes a great leader; he said they are willing to do it differently. They lead from the, “inside, out.” Leaders have a sense of what is right and follow it. He also said that leaders do not follow the crowd, they blaze their own trail.

In Catholic circles, we would describe this as listening to the Holy Spirit or our conscience. As Catholics, we are called to stand with people of faith and speak on behalf of those living on the margins, poverty and without a voice. This is always the, “right place” at the “right time.”

We are grateful to Edina Community Lutheran Church and Beacon Interfaith Ministries for leading this important cause, youth homelessness in the Southwest suburbs. We stand with all of the members of our faith community and individuals asking our City Council to expand the blueprint of possibilities within Edina. This is solid ground!

-- Maura Schnorbach