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Posted: September 29, 2014

Last week I spent a day on retreat with individuals from the Ignatian Volunteer Corps. The Ignatian Volunteer Corps serves individuals who are materially poor. Retirees are matched with an agency and commit to work with them for a year. Most stay longer, because they love the work! There is also a spiritual reflection component too. Jesuits believe in community. One of the questions posed was, “Who inspires you in your work?”

There were several people who came to mind. Some were family members and some were friends. Many of them were from St. Patrick’s. As I reflected on the large and small ways that so many people have touched my work life, I was deeply moved. I think this is the beauty of reflection.

I also thought about traits that these individuals shared: Passion, dedication, integrity, gratitude, compassion, courage and joy! Joy is a trait that stood out!

By serving others, each person reflected a deep commitment to the Gospel. But, it was an attitude of being a, “Servant Leader” that was central to their work. Regardless of their individual achievements in their previous careers, each person was grateful to serve individuals who were struggling.

I see this attitude at St. Patrick’s too! Individuals who are deeply engaged here work with a sense of purpose and passion. These individuals are what I describe as, “short listers!” They show up with a great attitude and do whatever needs to be done! And, they inspire those around them.

The St. Patrick’s Garage Sale is a beautiful example of this attitude! Hundreds of people worked around the clock for weeks to throw the biggest garage sale in Edina! They were cheerful even after hours of sorting, folding, picking up furniture, repairing items, cleaning and polishing! It was amazing! All of our shoppers were delighted too! Record numbers of donations from generous members of the community, broke all previous records!

We are grateful to all of the individuals who inspire us daily with their passion for our church, and Ministries. We look forward to the coming months! There will be no shortage of opportunities to get involved! If you would like more information about the Ignatian Volunteer Corps., please visit If you would like to get involved with Social Justice, please contact Maura Schnorbach.