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Join us for Bridges Across the City

Posted: October 21, 2015

We invite you to attend our Annual Fall Forum. This year we have invited the sisters from Visitation Monastery and friends to share their stories with us on Thursday, October 29 from 6:00-8:00 p.m. in St. Martin’s Hall at St. Patrick’s Church-Edina. It will be an evening of prayer, stories, sharing and a community meal.

We chose the title, “Bridges Across the City,” because after several meetings, we realized that the sisters through their justice work, passion and commitment to their neighbors in North Minneapolis, were creating a bridge to St. Patrick’s Church and community. We also realized that it wasn’t a, “one way” street. It was a mutual exchange, including sharing stories, hopes and dreams.

Bridges connect. Bridges build. Bridges unite. And bridges reach across an expanse, bringing both sides together. It is for all of these reasons that the title seemed to be a good fit. I will admit that we struggled trying to find a way to describe what was happening throughout the months we have spent working, planning and dreaming of an event that would inspire members of the community.

Pope Francis has called people of faith to experience, “encounter”… Perhaps another way of thinking about it is deep listening to another’s stories and experiences with an open heart. This experience has inspired and challenged all of us, given us insight into the lives of a beautiful and vibrant community whose narrative is often overshadowed by violence.

What have often been missing from the headlines are the stories of hope, tenacity and sheer grit in North Minneapolis. We met some of the inspirational people who have been working to build a community and overcome barriers to job opportunities, health care, education, housing and community resources. What has been unmistakable from our, “encounter”, are the aspirations and commitment to lift up North Minneapolis. This is where the heart and soul of the community lies…

We are grateful to all of the sisters who have opened their home to us, shared their lives with us and invited their friends to join us in conversation. One person who has been part of the planning for this event said, “It all starts with conversation”…

I believe that “encounters” help us to see how much we all share… We hope that you will join us! It’s an evening you will not want to miss! For more details, please call St. Patrick’s at 952-941-3164. You may also register online at The event is open to the community. And there is no cost. Pre-registration is requested by October 26.