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Bridges Across the City packed the house!

Posted: November 06, 2015

We are grateful to the Sisters of Visitation Monastery and their Neighbors from North Minneapolis for making our Annual Fall Forum a night that won’t be forgotten! We had a packed house! It was an inspiring evening of engagement, conversation, stories and hope! We are also grateful to St. Patrick’s and our Edina community for extending a gracious welcome.

The Social Justice Commission started dreaming of hosting this event with the sisters and neighbors last spring. What evolved from our prayer, discussion and planning surprised all of us. The Holy Spirit has a way of moving big ideas and creating the momentum to make them happen…

Pope Francis has called people of faith to experience, “encounter”… Perhaps another way of thinking about it is deep listening to another’s stories and experiences with an open heart. This experience has inspired and challenged all of us, given us insight in the lives of a beautiful and vibrant community whose narrative is often overshadowed by violence.

Bridges Across the City reminds us that we are all connected. Bridges unite. Bridges connect. And, Bridges reach across an expanse, bringing both sides together. What we saw Thursday night was the passion, love, tenacity and joy of our friends in North Minneapolis. Even in the midst of poverty and overwhelming odds… A vibrant community has emerged. The sisters and neighbors model the Gospel call to love, serve and live the, “call”. We have been moved and inspired by working with the sisters and neighbors.

We are humbled that the sisters opened their home to us, shared their lives with us and invited their neighbors to join us in conversation! One person who helped us plan the event said, “It all starts with conversation”… I believe that authentic encounters change all of us. The sisters remind us to be our better selves with their unflinching courage, faith and life grounded in love. They represent the best in our Catholic tradition and values. A, “Stance of love” is a powerful force…

If you would like to learn more or become involved with the Sisters from Visitation Monastery in North Minneapolis, please visit their website at

--Maura Schnorbach