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We Have Done Good!

Posted: December 18, 2015

St. Patrick’s did a lot of good this year! We “rolled up our sleeves” and helped people struggling in our community by delivering groceries to VEAP, hot meals to elders and people with disabilities, and backpacks to launch kids back to school. But, we didn’t stop there. We extended our work into downtown Minneapolis at St. Mary’s Place and across town to Holy Rosary and Risen Christ.

 We also made new friends in North Minneapolis through our Annual Fall Forum, Bridges Across the City. This event gave us a chance to spend time with the sisters from Visitation Monastery and their neighbors. Over 100 people showed up, shared a meal, stories and listened to inspirational work about what can happen when people come together with a shared vision of community. Poverty, hardship and violence are no match for the passion of sisters who are grounded in a, “stance of love”… When combined with neighbors who share their ministry, amazing things happen. St. Patrick’s believes in the power of spacious conversations and engagement.

 Our work also took us to the City Council, City Planning Commission and to the Legislature. We did lots of “door knocking” with members of the community to raise awareness about poverty and justice. We had conversations about empowering individuals by focusing on solutions that create pathways out of poverty.

 One of the small, but powerful things that we did this year is we started showing up with books at Holy Rosary when we served our monthly meal. We were delighted by the bags of books that showed up at the front desk and outside my office door. Encouraging kids to read and sharing our love of learning is part of who we are at St. Patrick’s. Our young guests quickly snapped up all of the books!

 We also haven’t forgotten the youngest and most vulnerable… We are pleased to continue our involvement with Options for Women by collecting diapers, wipes, baby clothes, and everything new babies need! Options for Women, gives women in crisis pregnancies the support that they need to have a healthy baby!

 This past year, St. Patrick’s didn’t stay home… Many traveled over a 1,000 miles with the prayers of their faith community tucked in their suitcases. The Cobán Water Project continues to bless our church, the Benedictine Monastery in Cobán and all of the families who received water filters! We thank all of our generous pilgrims and donors!

 We also threw another Gala for charity! We continued our 31 year tradition of raising funds for the Cobán Water Project, Risen Christ School and
St. Patrick’s Ministries. We had a sell-out crowd of over 200 guests in December! We extend our thanks to the Gala Committee, individuals, families, businesses and staff that made it possible!

 We have learned that, “Doing Good” changes us and the world around us. We are privileged to carry on our 150 year old legacy of love and service. We build on all of the work that has been done before us and are grateful to continue the tradition of serving. We could not engage in all of this work without you!

 Thank you to the Women’s Guilds, Men’s Club, St. Patrick’s Commissions and Councils, volunteers, staff, and ABC Express Preschool, businesses, community and government agencies. We are also grateful for the passion, vision and leadership of the Social Justice Commission.

 In gratitude,
Maura Schnorbach, Social Justice