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The Edina Roundtable

Posted: April 22, 2015

Yesterday I joined a lunch conversation with the Edina Roundtable at St. Stephen’s Episcopal. I had an opportunity to spend time with an amazing group of people doing Ministry work at neighboring churches in Edina. Their role is similar to mine at St. Patrick’s. They are working on poverty and justice issues and find ways to engage people in Ministry! The joy, passion and challenges are similar, but each church has its own unique vision of answering the Gospel call.

The topics we discussed included legislative activity, Women Who Build, Environmental and Educational projects and Ministries that are offered at their churches. Projects stretch from Haiti to the Twin Cities. We heard the good news about The Twin Cities Mobile Market that was launched with funding through a Social Benefit Competition at Colonial Church. It has found additional funding partners and supporters and now is rolling throughout underserved neighborhoods in Minneapolis. It brings fresh produce, lean meats and dairy by bus right into neighborhoods! If you would like more details, visit the Wilder Foundation website.

It was the dream of a couple of young entrepreneurs who wanted to do something about poverty and hunger! Through the support of a vibrant faith community, they have realized their dream! And, it has touched the lives of many more!

I also had a chance to meet new friends across the street at St. Alban’s Episcopal. Who knew…They are in the chicken and donkey business! By identifying a need in Haiti, they have found creative ways to leverage the experience of volunteers and partner with local people to address water and hunger issues with a sustainable solution. This has allowed more kids to go to school, because they no longer need to spend the day hauling buckets of water up the mountain… The donkeys are now doing heavy lifting! And, they are supporting micro-lending in Haiti too!

The Edina Roundtable is a wonderful way to continue collaboration between our churches and strengthen our community! It is also exciting to hear about all of the projects that are neighbors are doing! I will keep you posted!

                            --Maura Schnorbach