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Winter brings surprises

Posted: January 19, 2016

Streaks of bright pink and deep blue stretched across the horizon this morning. I caught a glimpse of a bunny feasting on the leaves of a pot of flowers on my patio. It never made it into the garage at the end of the season. It reminded me that everything can be transformed into something else. I was delighted that the hungry rabbit found a pot of greens. In my mind, it should have been tossed. This morning it was an impromptu breakfast for a hungry bunny. I may not have the same reaction in the spring.

Today I am reminded that, “All that he created was good.” Our beloved earth, all that we see with ourselves included. We may see things that need to be improved or changed, but its essential goodness remains. 

As I began my day, I was grateful for the beautiful things that I noticed this morning. The temperature was below zero and yet these amazing things were unfolding outside of my window. The frost sparkled like crushed diamonds in the winter sun… What a wonderful surprise on a cold, winter morning.