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Over 200 Attended Selma: Bridge to the Ballot and Beyond, the Ongoing Struggle for Voting Rights in America!

Posted: November 02, 2016

In every generation, people of faith are called to work for justice… The generation that marched from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama walked that difficult road that so many had done before! They were guided by faith, hope and a deep sense of the historic moment that demanded justice. The long sought after dream of freedom could not be denied.

Standing together, people of faith walked the dangerous path to demand their rights to full citizenship in the United State and to secure the long denied right to vote. People from all over the country join African American Churches, united in the vision of a more, “perfect union” where all citizens had the right to vote. The dangers were many. They were armed with love, prayer, song and the deep conviction that their time had come.

We carry the legacy and the weight of this sacrifice… Many laid down their lives in the Voting Rights and Civil Rights battle. The nation became galvanized by the brave witness of those who made the march to Selma. The prophetic voice of Dr. Martin Luther King articulated the vision for a better nation. We are grateful that some of the heroes of the Voting and Civil Rights struggle were a part of our panel including: Dr. Josie R. Johnson, Jorge Saavedra F. and Minnesota Secretary of State Steve Simon.

We are grateful to the tireless advocates from the League of Women Voter Edina who was the lead partner on this event. We also extend our thanks to the Southern Poverty Law Center for giving us permission and providing a free copy of the documentary. We are also grateful to our co-sponsors: the Southern Poverty Law Center, Lake Harriet United Methodist Church, Jewish Community Action, Good Samaritan United Methodist Church, Edina Community Lutheran Church and Edina Morningside Community Lutheran Church.

At St. Patrick’s we believe strong in convening spacious justice conversations with our community… Grounded in our faith that people can come together, discuss difficult topics and find ways to collaborate and work together to make the world a better place! Thanks to all of our guests, volunteers, faith partners, Social Justice Commission and St. Patrick’s Church. We also appreciate that the Mayor of Edina, Jim Hovland, Minnesota State Senator Melisa Franzen and City Council member Bob Stewart joined us!

We encourage everyone to vote and assist elders and neighbors who made need a ride to the polls!