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On love, books, blankets and grace…

Posted: November 22, 2016

If the measure of our days could be calculated by love, books, blankets and grace, I would tell you that if we used Monday as a measure… it’s beyond counting! Loaves & Fishes is always a night filled with grace. Our amazing team shows up, cooks, serves, offers smiles, washes pots and pans, and mops floors. This is done with a sense of joy and gratitude.

Sometimes if we are lucky, we have a glimpse of the impact of not only the obvious pieces of this work. But, we see something more powerful at work… A couple of months ago a lovely, anonymous donor dropped off two beautiful, hand knit baby blankets. As I was packing up our supplies for Holy Rosary, I spotted them and put them on top of an overflowing box of children’s books. We put the blankets out with many donations for our guests.

On the way home, one of our long-time volunteers mentioned that she saw a mother bundle up her baby in that blanket. I was deeply touched that this beautiful gesture by someone else blessed a baby going out into the cold night. It was an answered prayer.

Sometimes people ask me about Social Justice and what we do… Simply, we answer those unspoken prayers with love, and generosity as a community of faith. You touch people who are often lonely, forgotten and living on the margins.

You give the powerful gift of hope with all of the energy that it brings to the world. I continue to be amazed at the gifts that you share. You give your time, talent, and financial gifts. More importantly, you give your passion and articulate what is possible when we all work together for the greater glory of God. It’s a powerful witness of faith. Love comes in many ways… Sometimes it comes with a meal, a blanket and a volunteer with a smile!

Maura Schnorbach