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Mending the Gaps

Posted: February 24, 2016

On Sunday afternoon I joined people of faith at St. Joan of Arc to hear the prophetic voice of Sr. Simone Campbell. She is one of the inspiring leaders of the famous, “Nuns on the Bus”… Their epic road trips have generated so much enthusiasm that they have continued their travels to raise awareness about poverty and justice in the US. What they discovered along the way are the rich stories that have been shared in diverse communities on their travels.

Sr. Simone is an accomplished attorney, lobbyist and founder of the Catholic Social Justice organization, NETWORK. Its goal is to focus on solutions by collaborating with elected officials to write and support anti- poverty legislation. A big part of their efforts are centered on trying to lift children out of poverty by promoting education, stable housing, and living wage jobs. She has also been a leading advocate for reducing food insecurity.

NETWORK is a non-partisan organization. It is a Gospel centered approach to working with elected officials across the spectrum. She has met with the President, top elected officials including Paul Ryan and Elizabeth Warren.

Sr. Simone spoke of rising income inequality and the importance of building, “an economy of inclusion” echoing the words of Pope Francis. She also spoke of mending the gaps in our country by creating policies that invest in our communities. 

Sr. Simone encouraged us to remember that even with bright light there are dark shadows. There were political victories during the last session but, there were also concessions and work that remains unfinished. She encouraged us to remain faithful to the struggle. Visit to find out more details about the Nuns on the Bus. There are also Lenten Reflections. By working together, we can mend the gaps…