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The Interruption…

Posted: April 15, 2016

As we navigate through life’s journey we are often unprepared for the inevitable, unexpected things that happen. Last Thursday as I drove to St. Stephen’s to help Lynda prepare our Loaves & Fishes meal, I was rear-ended by a car that seemed to appear out of nowhere. The driver was most apologetic. I was rattled, but fine. She was too. We exchanged information and we were both on our way.

As I looked at my smashed up Jeep, most of my plans for the evening went by the wayside. I was planning to run errands to get ready for my road trip on Friday to KU to visit my son. I decided to skip the errands. The neighborhood book club was gathering that evening. I was feeling exhausted, but decided to go anyway. My husband was traveling so I was grateful to spend time with friends. I could also walk there.

This accident reminded me that things can change on a moment’s notice. In the scheme of things, my situation was not catastrophic. The driver’s insurance would handle everything and give me a car to drive while my car was in the repair shop. I could drive my husband’s car to Kansas. And, he could drive my car until we could get an estimate.

Even if I think I have a great plan laid out, there are interruptions, accidents and things that are beyond my control. But, the constant in everything is God. Even if everything shifts, we are held, beloved and surrounded by God’s love and grace. Sometimes interruptions remind us to pay attention to the blessings in our lives. I know this caught my attention.