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Love the Earth!

Posted: April 28, 2017

As we celebrate Earth Day we are reminded of the many small ways that we can be good stewards of the earth! Some of the youngest children at St. Patrick’s were leading the way last week. The Blue Group was outside picking up trash on our property! The weather and their size were no match for their enthusiasm to, “Do Good!”

There are lots of ways that we are helping the earth at St. Patrick’s… We collect gently used books for the children at Loaves & Fishes. We recycle boxes, and paper! We compost…We repurpose hundreds of pounds of food annually through our Surplus Food Ministry. Drivers pick up bakery goods from neighborhood Starbucks and Caribou Coffee shops and drop them off in our freezers. Another driver takes them to Mary’s Place downtown. It is the full circle of justice… It gives businesses a tax break, repurposes food to feed hungry people, and reduces garbage bills and food waste in landfills!

We also support a small family farm in Milan Minnesota. They are healing the earth one season at a time with sustainable farming practices, crop rotation and non-toxic pest controls. Easy Bean is a CSA that grows organic produce and sells farm shares. Easy Bean delivers right to St. Patrick’s! It doesn’t get any fresher than that…

St. Patrick’s holds one of the largest Garage Sales in the Twin Cities each September! We accept gently used furniture, household items, clothing, shoes, dishes, books, silver and china, outdoor and artwork to name a few! It’s a bargain hunter’s delight. This sale not only generates funds to support the work of St. Patrick’s. It also helps people clean out basements, closets and garages. This prevents items from going into the landfill… We also donate many items to charity after the sale!

We encourage you to get creative too! Can you plant some bee friendly flowers this summer? Pollinators love bright colors in the garden… Bird houses create homes for wildlife! Consider buying phosphate free dishwasher detergent to save our lakes and streams! Catch rain water for your garden! Your plants will be delighted! Small ideas can make a big impact! If you have great ideas for loving the earth, share your ideas with Maura Schnorbach at

—Maura Schnorbach