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On Love and Belonging...

Posted: July 18, 2017

On Love & Belonging...
How often do we crave to belong and to be loved? When we were children, we wanted to be, “picked” for the team, or club. You may have stood on the sidelines when a couple of classmates or friends made the choices. It may have seemed like endless waiting as everyone was divided up. It was a huge relief when you were selected, because you never wanted to be the last one picked.

If you are a parent, you have experienced not only your own, “bath of fire”… but you have also dealt with this happening to your children when they tried out for the school play, orchestra or band, athletic teams or applied for coveted colleges, internships and jobs. As a parent you encourage your children to reach for things that may be a stretch, and hope that it goes their way.

During the teenage years it’s easy to see the, “group” dynamic play out… When you notice a group of girls, often their hair is cut and worn the same way. Often they wear almost identical clothes, shoes and accessories. Boys tend to “don a uniform” too! Even groups on the fringe tend to look the, “same” in their “differentness.”

Our desire to fit in and be accepted carries over into adulthood. We join churches, clubs, civic and neighborhood organizations. We get involved with professional organizations. Many of us spend time on social media staying in touch with our networks of friends, accumulating, “likes” on posts or Instagram.

We spend a lot of our time seeking. The good news is that we are worthy of love and belonging. As people of faith, we do not need to be, “selected” nor do we need to “try out”. We do not need to, “earn it.” The relief in all of this is that we do not need to chase after it either… We have already been chosen by God. We are reminded in Isaiah 43:1-2, “Fear not: for I have redeemed thee, I have called thee by name; thou art mine.”

St. Patrick’s Church is a place of friendship, love and belonging. We invite you to share your faith journey. Bless us with your presence. If you are already engaged here, we are grateful that we count you among our community. If you are looking for a place to belong, we invite you walk alongside us in a Catholic Church where all are welcome.

—Maura Schnorbach