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News from Visitation Monastery

Posted: July 28, 2017

I had the blessing of spending time at Visitation Monastery last week. Sr. Mary Frances said that a couple of the sisters are experiencing health issues. Please keep them in your prayers. Many of the sisters are elders. They are holding discussions with their community and neighbors about what to, “keep” and, “what to let go of.” They are planners that ground their decisions in contemplative listening and prayer.

They are considering the coming years. I agreed that that there is power in holding those conversations, reflecting on how to transition vital community work to leaders who have emerged in their neighborhood. Walking alongside friends and neighbors has created a mutual spirit of sharing lives of faith, hope and love.

There is always lots of activity at Visitation Monastery and the day I visited was no exception... Visitation Monastery is a sacred place that breaks bread, shares deep spirituality and serves their neighbors. Their presence has created hope in the midst of violence and poverty. They have a peace sign in their front yard as a reminder of the spiritual path they walk and the invitation to others.

Visitation Monastery reminds us that our, “presence” matters in the world. Love matters. Hope matters. These gifts of the Holy Spirit change us and those around us. When I met one of the neighbors when we worked on our Fall Forum a couple of years ago, she said, “Every neighborhood needs the sisters!” I agree!

—Maura Schnorbach