Suggested Reading List


*Charity in Truth, Caritas in Veritate, Pope Benedict XVI

*Cloud of Witnesses, Jim Wallis and Joyce Hollyday

*Compassion, A Reflection on the Christian Life
  Henri J. M. Nouwen, Donald P. McNeill and Douglas A. Morrison

*Compendium of the Social Doctrine of the Church, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace

How Big is Your God?, Paul Countinho, SJ

Learning the Language of Prayer, Joyce Huggett

*Modern Spiritual Masters, Writings on Contemplation and Compassion, Edited by Rober Ellsberg

*Nickel and Dimed, On (Not) Getting By in America, Barbara Ehrenreich

*Solidarity Will transform The World, Stories of Hope from Catholic Relief Services, Jeffry Odell Korgen

Tatoos on the Heart, Father Gregory Boyle

*The Words We Pray, Discovering the Richness of Traditional Catholic Prayers, Amy Welborn

*Think and Act Anew, Fr. Larry Snyder

*Copies are available in the Office of Social Justice at St. Patrick’s. We hope these books will add to your spiritual journey! (This is not a complete book list, visit us to see what else is available.)