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What is a Christian Funeral?

A funeral encompasses all of the various elements that surround the way in which we mark the death of a loved one. This includes the time surrounding the moment/process of dying, the time of saying good-bye, burial, and the grieving process that follows the immediate events.

What is the difference between a Mass of Christian Burial and a Memorial Mass or Service?

A Mass of Christian Burial takes place with the remains of the deceased person present. A Memorial Mass/Service is held in memory of the deceased person, but no remains are present.

How is the Mass of Christian Burial or Memorial Mass/Service scheduled?

The time of the liturgy is arranged by the family in contact with the parish and the funeral director. Visitation starts at 10am, funeral Mass at 11am, followed by a luncheon.

*Dates & times must be confirmed by St. Patrick's before official announcements are made. 

No Mass of Christian Burial or Memorial Mass may be scheduled on Sundays, Feast Days, or during the Paschal Triduum (Holy Thursday evening through Easter Sunday).

What does the Catholic Church say about cremation?

Cremation is accepted by the Roman Catholic Church. It is preferred that the body of the deceased be present at the funeral liturgy and cremation take place afterward, but it is also acceptable for the cremation to take place first and the cremains to be present at the funeral liturgy.

What about burial or entombment?

Burial is scheduled according to the requirements of the cemetery chosen by the family. 

The preferred time for a burial is the same day as the funeral, in which case a priest will accompany the family to the cemetery for the Rite of Committal.

What options do I have for the visitation?

The church can provide the use of kneelers, easels, and tables for remembrance of the deceased. 

What about a meal or refreshments?

St. Patrick's staff will help plan a funeral meal or refreshments for the family and loved ones of the deceased. Arrangements are made at the same time the funeral liturgy is planned.

What are the funeral costs?

  • Church Fee $200

  • Accompanist $200

  • Cantor $150

For more information, click HERE to email Tim Smith or call 952-767-0946.

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