Social Justice

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Social Justice is our best intentions and actions guided by core values wrapped in a mindset of love and service. It seeks the best in each one of us. And it encourages the best in those around us.

We strive to be faithful to the Gospel by serving the immediate needs of those living in poverty and to tackle the underlying structures that prevent people from living in dignity. We seek justice and fairness in all things, because we believe that we are all made in the image of God.

At the center of it is the Gospel call to love.

We engage in respectful dialogue to advance understanding of local, national and global issues of poverty and injustice. We are also called to act. Our truth is grounded in the Gospel call to feed the hungry, give water to those who thirst, and provide shelter and clothing to those without essentials. 

We believe that each person is blessed by God with certain unique gifts and talents. Part of our call as Christians is to discern how these may be used to alleviate suffering in the world. Social Justice Work is undertaken with a spirit of joy and gratitude and guided by the Holy Spirit.

At the heart of all service is prayer and discernment. Action is based on integrity and truth. Working to address injustice often does not occur quickly, but happens when there is intention, commitment and perseverance. Because the work is often difficult, a willingness to see positive intent even with those who have opposing opinions is essential.

We work together in friendship and solidarity with those we serve. We recognize we are all beloved of God and this informs all of the work that we do. We invite you to join us!