World Meeting of Families

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Posted: September 25, 2015

Everything is coming together so smoothly! As our motor coach pulled into downtown Philadelphia our driver navigated the streets that continue to fill with a variety of buses and other public transportation. As if by divine plan, three school buses filled with delegates from the larger PICO group that is hosting the summit we are attending, pulled in directly behind us as we came to the designated drop area. Cyril, one the Minnesota participants, got out his handheld drum and we started singing as we headed to the hotel to register.  One observation: the streets right now are relatively empty. Shops are closed and many of the bridges/ramps leading into the city are closed to motorized vehicles but open to pedestrians. The calm before the sea of humanity...   We were able to register a full hour in advance so it's nice to have a little down time to reflect and prepare for the opening of our summit. Thanks for your ongoing prayers!