Every Third Saturday

Every Third Saturday is a Veterans support organization, located near VA Hospital.

They are in desperate need of used winter coats, boots, hats, gloves, & winter underwear.

Also needed are: blue jeans, shirts, colored T shirts, sweat clothes (XL, 2X). 

shoes & Diabetic socks.


Peroxide, hand soap, mouthwash, sewing kits, muscle rub /icy hot, hand lotion,

foot & body powder, Q-tips, baby wipes, chap stick.

NEW FOR MEN: boxer underwear and T Shirts (2XL thru 5XL).

NEW FOR WOMEN: briefs ( M (6), L(7), XL (8) )

There are boxes in the Celtic Center identified for Veteran collection.

St. Patrick's is collecting items February 19-27, 2022.