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The Search  Episode 1 Trailer
The Search  Episode 2 Trailer
The Search  Episode 3 Trailer
The Search  Episode 4 Trailer
The Search  Episode 5 Trailer
The Search  Episode 6 Trailer
The Search  Episode 7 Trailer

There are 3 easy steps for

new parishioners to

Sign Up on FORMED:

  1. Visit

  2. Enter our parish zip or name

  3. Enter your name and email

Or click HERE for more information on FORMED 


Jim Swanke

I found “The Search” videos and companion workbook to be interesting and inspiring. My discussion group, ably led by Cinthia Biros, helped deepen my faith through the meaningful exchange of ideas with other Catholics. The videos, workbook and discussion group were collectively a positive and inspiring experience, one which I highly recommend to others.

Debbie Zeller

The Search was just what I needed! In seven beautifully filmed episodes, The Search helped me to refocus on what I love about being Catholic & become energized to deepen my own faith. Each episode inspired me to think about my relationship with God & helped me to focus on what matters most.

I loved meeting & getting to know fellow St Pat's parishioners better!

Rosanne Strand

I signed up on and watched "The Search" series of (7) videos.  On Tuesday evenings, a small group met via Zoom to discuss the video of the week (Thank You John Beuerlein for setting up these meetings).  Oh My! What a wonderful         experience and what a wonderful way to get       introduced into "”.  Now, Cinthia Biros, our Faith Formation Director, and Deacon Bob are going to offer a Spring session (starting week of April 18th) to our Parishioners. I am telling you "Sign Up!!!!!".  You will NOT be sorry.  Seriously, I was  telling my husband, my friends, and my clients about these videos - I AM NOT KIDDING, PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!!

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